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Automatic Objectname update [SOLVED]

  • Hi,

    I was wondering if the Qt Editor has an automatic way to update object name when you change it in the UI editor. Because it's a bit annoying having to check all the places where I'm using that name and change it.

    Also, i wannted to know if there is a shortcut or also an automatic way to generate a definition of a function, after writing it's declaration on the header file.


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    1. In QtCreator you can change the strings by right click on a directory name in a Projects panel in select "Find in this directory" enter your search string and clock "Search & Replace" button.
      If you need to change a variable or class name then Ctrl+Shift+R should do it.

    2. Put cursor on a new function declaration and press Alt+Enter select "Add definition in "

  • Thank you very much andreyc, that is very usefull!!

  • You are welcome.

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  • In Addition to that , If you have member variables , then put the cursor on the member area and press Alt + Enter , it will automatically generate getter() and setter() functions.


    Happy Coding !

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