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RC Hobby Stream 1.0.5-Beta: released the final interface

  • Hi to all.

    I see that this project has some followers, great! Starting from the 1.0.5-Beta the final version of the interface had been released.
    Here are the main features:

    • Rotating AD banners on top (solve a problem discussed in the forums about how-to see a small portion of the web in a area of the application)
    • Manage a periodically update of the Twitter feeds related to some users only
    • Show a simple timed contextual help online
    • Work (not sure that is the best solution) with a layered set of objects that changes their behavior depending on the z-depth they are.

    All sources are fully documented and explained, git repository updated to this version (Branch WebInteractive)
    Project link:

  • moving to Showcase where it rightfully belong

  • Thank you.

    I though is it was the case to post this kind of notifications here, but it's a beta only, so I was thinking that in the showcase will only stay the finished applications, while key updates and work-in-progress notifications will stay in announcements.

    In future I adopt this strategy, thanks.

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