Chrome thinks Qt downloads are malicious

  • recently chrome started to consider qt downloads are malicious and blocks them. you need to solve this problem.

    I have to download with firefox now.

  • BTW, it's not just those executable files, I couldn't even download the source code zip file.

  • Unless you have any indication that the Qt downloads really contain malware, which we can be pretty sure they don't, this clearly is a bug in Chrome and only the Chrome developers can fix it. The Qt devs probably cannot do anything.

    So-called "anti virus" software can be a major annoyance for software developers. Believe me, I know what I'm talking about. I get like a dozen e-mails from angry people complaining that my software contains malware every single week - just because their "anti virus" program triggered a FALSE POSITIVE. Usually these people are quiet very quickly when I tell them to re-check the file at VirusTotal and they notice that 49 out of 50 anti-virus scanners confirm that the file is clean...

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