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QxOrm 1.1.5 released and accepted into the Qt Ambassador Program

  • Hi,

    I'm proud and happy to announce that QxOrm library has been accepted into the Qt Ambassador Program

    The Qt Ambassador Program is a membership-only program that honors Qt development projects.

    Here the QxOrm web page on Qt website :

    Moreover, a new version released : QxOrm 1.1.5

    Changes in version 1.1.5:

    • New feature available : 'QxService' module to create C++ application server
    • 'QxService' provides an easy and powerful way to create services and to transfer data over network
    • New tutorial available to explain how 'QxService' module works
    • New sample available at './test/qxClientServer' directory
    • QxOrm can be built with 'CONFIG += no_keywords' flag in '*.pro' files
    • Bug fix with 'qx::dao::create_table<>' function and relation 'many-to-many'
    • QxOrm should now build fine with GCC <= 4.2

  • looks neat.. got to try this

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