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Not sure how to get started.

  • Hey Guys,

    I am trying to make an application that would be used as a level editor for a game I am making. I am looking for it to have a central panel that would be 3D interact-able. I want to be able to drag over a stock shape, a cube or sphere, from the side panel and drop it into the main field. There are more features I want to implement later but I wanted to get start on the heart of the application first and try to learn as much as possible.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi.

    I'd suggest you to start with the QGLWidget as a viewport. This will allow you to draw your 3d objects. You'll need to implement all the Drag and Drop events (dragEnterEvent, dragLeaveEvent, dragMoveEvent and dropEvent).

    I also suggest you to use a QMainWindow with dockable widgets from where you can grab your assets and drop them in your 3D viewport.

    I implemented something similar in my own image editing application:


    Good luck with your game!

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