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[Question] template feature for QtDN wikis

  • MediaWiki, the software that keeps Wikipedia running, has an inclusion capability. It can be (and is heavily) used for building so-called template pages. These are included within thematically connected wiki pages to build a navigation menu.

    Has our wiki engine a similar feature? If not: can it be implemented?

    One use case can be read here

  • Sorry no, the wiki doesn't have this feature and it's far too deep into the wiki software for us to do it on our own.

  • :-( What a pity!

    ...and who decided to use just this wiki engine, and when and why?

  • [quote author="Wolf P." date="1299767687"]...and who decided to use just this wiki engine, and when and why?[/quote]

    Me, late 2009, because integrating MediaWiki and ExpressionEngine would require an unproportionate amount of resources spent on low level integrations instead of getting devnet on the air.

    It might sound like a fun engineering challenge - and I'm sure it is - but not for a 2 man team that wants to get stuff done :)

    It was a reality check based on something like this:

    • 2x template code
    • endless account integration headaches
    • 3x work on performance
    • 2x work on high availability
    • non-uniform dev, stage and production environments
    • ongoing matching issues with EE and MW releases
    • 3x work for cross site features (tag, rating, points, syntax highlighting)
    • 2x things to know to do content maintenance
    • mediawiki has a ton of features that will never be used
    • 2x vulnerability potential
    • 2x weird config settings that can be set wrong and cause issues

    And so on.

    I think I've said it before here, but we can at any point decide to switch to MediaWiki if the benefit/disadvantage equation above turns positive.

    I did the same math for using a different forum software as well, no doubt dedicated solutions like phpBB or vBulletin could do a great job as our forum.

    One could be tempted to think of this as a lesson learned from Nokia at large, but don't, it's not :)

  • Oh, thanks for the effort and the full report. :)

    Although I love MediaWiki somehow, I think it would be an overkill.

    ...what about

  • I should have been more precise, MediaWiki was just an example. Replacing the native ExpressionEngine wiki engine with "any other" engine presents nearly the same challenges. :)

    It's the eternal "best of breed" vs. "one stop shop" discussion, for devnet the "one stop shop" won - so far. The future is bright, maybe one day the limited functionality of the native wiki engine warrants all the extra effort above to get a dedicated wiki engine. We're not there yet though.

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