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Pluralsight releases "Introduction to Qt"

  • Not in anyway affiliated with pluralsight or anything, but up until recently I was wondering when are they gonna release something C++ that is NOT based on a M$ product, and here it is: "Introduction to Qt: A C++ Cross Platform Application Framework ":

    Looking at the table of content it will hardly be of much use to anyone who has spend a few weeks with Qt already, and it doesn't look like it covers a lot of the framework classes.

    Unfortunately, nothing on QtQuick2 (or any QML) either.

  • This is the first of what I hope will be many courses on Qt. It was definitely aimed at those new to Qt. (Got any friends that should learn Qt?) The most significant pieces of the framework explored are the networking and JSON APIs. I try to teach Qt Creator by example as the demos progress. I also wrote the larger demo using the Presentation Model design pattern so that will make it easier to replace the front end with a QML driven UI. So it might help someone who uses Qt in a code behind style to adopt a more maintainable style.

    I'm pitching my next course to Pluralsight and it will be a Qt Quick course. Actually my plan is for the next two courses to be on Qt Quick. The first will focus on QML and will attempt to be language agnostic. The 2nd will be on integrating C++ with QML.

    I hope to get back to Qt in the future and delve deeper into the framework. That's probably a ways off as that first course took me 6 months of solid work.

    Pluralsight was all about Microsoft products originally, however they have recently acquired several other training companies: Peepcode, Train Signal, Digital Tutors etc. So the non MS courses have grown significantly, plus they have hired new editors dedicated to open source projects. In fact my first two courses were on Eclipse and I do demos with both C++ and Java.

    For those of you who don't know, "Pluralsight ": is a subscription based service but they do have a ten day free trial (time limited). It will certainly help me sell them on producing more Qt courses if this initial course gets decent viewership. Plus I'm always open to constructive criticism if some of the pros here want to provide me with any feedback. If the limited time of the 10 day trial isn't enough contact me. I have a limited number of week long passes that have no restriction on the number of hours you watch during the week. Plus I think the pass is for the premium membership level.

    @utcenter - Thank you for mentioning the course.

  • ^^Shouldn't be that hard, considering Qt currently doesn't really have an alternative that is anywhere nearly as "wide" when it comes to the two most important IMO aspects - functionality and portability. Also the APIs are a lot cleaner than anything else C++ I've used so far. One thing you should definitely put focus on is using the documentation throughout the course, even if you yourself know what you are doing by hearth - being able to use the documentation to learn Qt is a crucial skill. Also from the table of content of the introduction course it didn't become clear whether you pay the necessary attention to the meta/property system of Qt, which is pretty a cornerstone both when it comes to C++ development and QML integration.

  • Just thought I'd update here as well; the second course on "Qt Quick Fundamentals": is now available. I also have a contract for the third course on integrating C++ with QML and it's in progress. This third course is where I will discuss Q_PROPERTY and related aspects of Qt. I suspect quite a few additional Qt framework issues will also come up (like some limited multi-tasking). The offer for VIP passes is still valid, if anyone wants one, just sent me email through this forum. The VIP pass includes unlimited viewing hours for a week, course material downloads and offline viewing of courses.

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