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Impossible to register at qt-project

  • Click "Forums" on the main page then click "register" (on the right side, not the one at the top)

    Not registered?
    What are you waiting for? Just register and start collecting points. It's fun!

    The following is displayed:

    The following errors were encountered
    There is no content to display on this link or it has restricted access.
    Return to the previous page

    Also, it is NOT possible to send e-mail from the page, same error appears.

    Tried with all browser in Win & Linux!!

    Note that it is possible to register when clicking on the TOP "Register" link on th main page, then a pop-up opens.

    But figuring this out will take about half an hour and will really piss off the new member!!!


  • Register link works for me Firefox on Linux and MacOS X.

    Could you copy link from which you are getting "... There is no content to display on this link ..." and post it here.

    I have on a side bar and at the top of the page.

  • - right side link.

    The difference is that when i click on the top link then an overlay (not like a pop-up, like an overlay) window opens for the registration.

    If i click on the right side link then it will just open a normal page.

  • Yeah it is the same link (could it be different).
    As I said it works for me.
    When I try to click it when I'm not logged in it shows a register page.

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