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Public projects hosted by Nokia

  • Hi,

    I am activating some projects I put on the Nokia project hosting platform, that is very complete and useful (I have already used other kind of platforms and this probably the best I ever seen).

    One of the things that are not clear when a developer set-up a project for public, is what kind of license is set. This depends by the user documentation that he set in the project (wiki, sources etc.) of there is a default license that is set?

    Thank you for any comment / advice.

  • [Solved]
    Licensing settings are not so simple to find, but there are :)

    I saw that it's not the only question on the forums about where is the license. For some strange choice it is part of the "Categorization" option: from the admin Tab in ther project, at the end of the page there is the "license" option.

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