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[SOLVED] Little problem with the built-in website search

  • Hello people,

    I've got a little problem with the built-in search on this website.
    For some reason my company started to use a "whitelist-domain-filter".
    Therefore, all of the domains was blocked at the beginning.
    Everything on the website is working for me, only the search isnt.
    If I insert something and press the "enter-key", a white page will be displayed.
    Does someone knows which domain (/subdomain) is used for the search-query?
    (It worked before my company activated the whitelist filter)

    Thanks in advance!

  • Moderators

    Search is performed using a secure connection with Google (, but somebody would need to confirm that (Tero?).

  • After they added the "" domain to the whitelist-filter, the built-in website search worked.

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