Webinar (May 13): "How to create Automated GUI Tests for Qt Applications”

  • Join Squish expert, Amanda Burma, and learn how to create cross-platform automated GUI tests with true Qt, QML & QtQuick toolkit support!
    Tuesday, May 13th 2014 (two time slots)
    Register here >> http://www.froglogic.com/resources/webinars#may13

    Duration: 30 minutes plus Q & A

    This webinar will cover:

    • How to test Qt Applications
    • How to create & execute automated tests across multiple platforms
    • The importance of true object-level access in automated GUI testing
    • How to interact with Qt objects, widgets, properties & the API
    • How to create tests that continue to work as your product evolves

    Webinar schedule: http://www.froglogic.com/resources/webinars

    See you there!

    Unable to attend? Register and we’ll send links to future events and access to our webinar archive following the event.

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