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Open project and community sharing

  • Hi,

    I'm starting to develop some Qt projects under the forum / community. The reason is because I think that these can be useful example projects for some specific application environments and because I trust in the effort that the community can give participating in these.

    Every project is developed at the best possible using all the instruments from the Nokia project board like wiki, forum, source code etc. Is there a way, or a place where these can be announced and notified periodically so the interested developers can participate or follow, without to "spam" unwanted news on the groups and / or devnet forums ?


    [Edit] Remember QT is QuickTime

  • One channel definitely is to announce in the Showcase forum: "":

    You could be a Qt Ambassador too

  • Thank you, but I saw that Qt Ambassador program is very complex and I'm too involved in this and other development projects to work on this application. It's very interesting, I know...

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