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Need someone to make a simple Qt program for me, will pay!

  • Hey guys,

    I am looking for someone to make for me a relatively simple Qt program; the reason I am asking so is because I am short on time and I am very new to Qt (only 2 days or so), so I don't want to waste hours trying to get something simple to work when someone else could do it for me in a much shorter time. All I need is someone to integrate the code I already have in C++ into a Qt desktop application.

    Here is the program: Monopoly coded in C++ (I already have everything done in terms of the game, classes, and etc) all of which just needs to be integrated into Qt.

    Requirements in Qt:

    • An image of the board (I already have that) where players move on
    • A roll dice button, two card buttons, a start game button (where the user inputs how many players will be playing and pick their pieces), an area where the user can enter text input to respond to an area of text output as the game progresses.

    Payment: PayPal via eBay listing as that is the most secure way to do it for both parties.


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  • I thought this was for a school project?

    ... I think this should be moved to the Jobs forum.

  • Hi, which is your budget?

  • Budget?

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