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Newbie Problems - Android Hello World

  • I like the description of this section "Stuck? Some ideas just need to be dumped on someone before they can materialize."

    I'm definitely stuck. I feel like I've been trying to attack this problem on many different fronts. Here's what I'm dealing with:

    1. I'm new to Qt, nearly a week into this
    2. I'm not new to C++, I am rusty though

    The reason I'm even trying Qt is because an open source project uses this to write and compile their code. I want to use their open source and potential build off of it. You may be asking what is the project your interested in?

    I have followed their tutorial and ran into problems. Necessities Qt seems to be the problem. So I said "hmmmm, from what I read Qt 5.2 supports android. Why not move over to Qt 5.2 since necessities isn't really supported all that well."

    So I uninstalled necessities and installed Qt 5.2

    The problem is that now I have to port a project from Qt 4.8 -> Qt 5.2
    Seems that this is no trivial task. So I decided to educate myself in Qt 5.2 for android development. As I try the tutorials and examples I can't even get the most basic default Hello World App to work on android. I get it to work fine on Desktop Qt 5.2 but not run on an AVD!

    At this point I'm just reaching hoping something will work. I can't really just scrap this project and I would really like to learn Qt 5.2 because of the cross platform portability. If any one wants to chitchat about this or can brainstorm with me that would be great!

    My goal is to get this compiled and running on my own Galaxy S3 phone! Hopefully be the middle of next month if not sooner.

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