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Read from memory

  • Hi all,

    I got a quick question, i am reading a txt file line by line and comparing the values like following

    @ QFile file("read.txt");
    if (! | QIODevice::Text))
    int data,min[5],max[5];
    int row,column;
    float result1[5],cotdr_out[5];
    for (row = 0; row < 4; row++){
    QByteArray line = file.readLine();
    QList<QByteArray> numbers = line.split(',');
    for (column = 0; column < (numbers.size() - 1); column++) {
    data = numbers[column].toInt();
    if (data > max[column])
    max[column] = data;
    Now my Question is, instead of reading from a txt file, I need to read from memory, how can i proceed further.
    what i need to do instead of QFile file read..

    an example would be good


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