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DIY Planner Dynamic Templates

  • "Link to the Web Page containing the Project":

    DIY-Planner is a forum for folks who want to make their own organizers and planners.

    I found the group a few years ago and got the idea to write some Qt software to create pages of any size.

  • I really don't know what you are trying to say. What are "pages of any size"? And where exactly is the showcase?

  • Did you follow the link ? I believe the web page speaks for itself.

    I could, however, be mistaken ;)

  • Sorry, I somehow missed the link. Perhaps it would be clearer to make the word DIY-Planner itself the link instead of putting a separate one above it. That does excuse me from having to read more carefully, however.

    edit: Looks like a nice application! Nice work! I will certainly look at how you did this if I need printing capabilities like this in the future.

  • Well, I am planning a major re-write. One of the most often asked-for features is the ability to merge a calendar and have the events print. The Qt Mobility bundle has classes that can import an iCalendar file. I have been dreading trying to write an iCalendar parser myself. Previously, the only available library "(libical)": is written in object oriented C and is very hard to follow and, I suspect, not well maintained.

  • The output looks very promising :)
    First idea that popped into my head is that this would make an awesome KOffice plugin ( which would generate a KWord document that can then not only be printed but also be populated or saved as ODF. Anyway, just thinking out loud ;)

  • Nice idea, but I'd rather go right to ODF if I was going to do that. I do not want to tangle my application with KDE. It is not platform independent. My application is.

  • May I just note that KOffice is not platform dependent; it is known to run on a large set of platforms already. Practically all of the ones that Qt runs on (Mac/Windows/Linux (including Gnome etc)/Bsd/Solaris/Maemo/Meego/Haiku).

    You are naturally free to choose not to add a plugin for KOffice as one of the tools in your project, but please make sure that its not a decision based on misinformation :)

  • Well, according to "the Windows Download link": and "the MacOS X Download link": , neither platform is robustly supported at this time. I did find KOffice is listed in "Fink": , but still depends on X11 while OpenOffice runs native in MacOS X.

    Sorry I do not agree with you, but we each have our own opinion.

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