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Spooky Qt Event Loop

  • Has anybody noticed from Qt4.6.0 onwards, Qt's event loop has been acting little weird.

    Was there any modification or some changes ?

    One impact for sure is on QLocalSocket in asynchronous communication.

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    What makes it appear to be spooky?

  • I have a example but i can not share with public forum i guess.

    But here try to something like this, write your firefox or safari browser plugin using Qt and communicate it with QLocalSocket. Now in asynchronous communication, you simply stop getting messages from server. This is case with 4.6 higher. if you run same application with Qt 4.5 things works fine. Now not sure about where exactly the prob is but 1 timer that calls processEvents() function does a trick, everything starts working.

    There are other examples as well but trying to dig into it.

  • Maybe you can provide some test application written especially to show this bug? Without revealing closed source you have.

  • I have not seen something like that, there were some fixes made in QIODevice so maybe you hit one of those that made a previous bug in your app stand out.

    But without the failing code that is really hard to say :)

  • Thats true, Let me reproduce that with code, will raise a bug

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