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Qt Videos - expanding the community

  • I have made a few (100+) videos and put them on youtube.


    Is there a way to get my videos and other authors videos from the community on qt-project.org?
    Just thinking it would be nice to have a one-stop location for eduction and training videos.


  • Hi Bryan.
    I thought your videos are already on YouTube. Or these are new ones?
    By the way thank you for those tutorials, they were very very helpful.

  • Sorry - lol sometimes I suck at explaining things... what i am asking is getting external videos (youtube) on to this sites video list:


  • Hi Rootshell,

    We don't have access to that part of the Qt web pages as moderators. I think Digia is now maintaining them because in the old days Trolls took care.

    I think the best way to get them where you want is ask Tero Kojo our community manager:

  • cool thanks!

  • Hi rootshell,

    That is a lot of videos! Thank you. I'll put that playlist on in the background :)

    The thing is we are looking at redoing the videos section (as an interim solution till we get to a state where we can look at redoing the whole site).

    Basically having the videos part point straight to Youtube makes more sense than using our time in copy-pasting things over (and we are badly behind in the copy-pasting).

    Maybe we can link from the QtStudios Youtube channel to your channel? I admit I'm not an expert on Youtube, so suggestions on how to handle linking or pointing are welcome.

  • Tero -

    Thanks for responding.

    Linking to the videos would be easy, youtube even gives the code needed to embed a video. When viewing a video you click "share" and then "embed" and it will give the iframe code.

    I was just thinking, instead of having 20+ sites that focus on Qt, we try to centrally locate them on qt-project.org.

    My vote would be to have a method for people to submit a video or tutorial to qt-project, and then the staff that run qt-project would review - approve - deny as needed.


  • I actually mean that we are giving the video page up for now.
    It's a lot of maintenance currently.

    If you take a look at the front page, just today we switched to pointing directly to the YouTube channel instead of the video page.
    So can we make a playlist or point to your videos on YouTube directly?

    Later on when we get to changing the site platform, I can see us putting a video page back up. But something that is more low maintenance than what it was now.

  • ahhh got it.

  • Hi;

    i have video about udp in qt. you can watch it. if you have any problem and question, you can ask me.



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