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[Solved]Double Word to int conversion problem

  • Hi i have problems on converting this hexadecimal value:
    Basically i have to read this value from a file and converting it in integer or decimal, from file specification
    this value "3390014B" should become this "21705616" I've tried almost every base conversion but no one give me the same result. On file specification this is Double Word and the returned value is DInt. Someone have any idea what kind of conversion happen here???


  • Hi there,

    it seems that 3390014B (3390|014B)represents the hex value 014B3390 ( 014B|3390) which is 21705616.


  • OK I've partially solved: now "ADA0432E" should return "174,6782"

  • Finally did it! It seems like it's a IEEE-754 floating to hex representation. Thanks for the help!!!

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