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Short Qt contract available - App for Nokia N8

  • Hi All,

    "Viva La Mobile": have a Qt app that needs to be developed for the Nokia N8 handset. Here is a simple description of the App:

    1. Users will do a short quiz in the app (5 multiple choice questions)
    2. after the quiz they will enter a few fields of data for their profile and also take a photo with the phone's camera as a profile pic.
    3. The User must agree to Terms and Conditions. Then the profile data will be saved to the handset
    4. an administrator can later take the handset and submit all un-submitted profiles to a server (probably in a JSON or XML format) through a special admin screen as a batch operation. This can happen many times during the 'life' of the app.

    Viva La Mobile will provide all screen designs and graphic assets. The server will be developed externally so we are just looking for a Qt developer to create the app to spec.

    If you have developed Qt apps for the N8 before and are interested in this little project please contact me ASAP to discuss:



  • Not sure if someone replied to your post. But a minor suggestion:
    It would help if you could also post where the position is located, or if one can contribute from anywhere in the world online .. :)

  • hey Chetan,

    good point. the job is open to developers around the world. At this moment I am awaiting confirmation from the client for the project to go ahead.


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