[SOLVED] BB10 official support for Qt 5.x

  • The qnx6 target actually consists of two different ones: arm (device) and x86 (simulator). You probably managed to deploy an x86 binary on Z10.

  • Hi,
    I think the problem was that I have created a project for both android and BB that seems not compatible giving that error...starting a new project just for BB seems to work.

  • ah, one more thing. Watch if a qmake and a compile run is restarted after you had switched from one target to another. I remember the were cases that QtCreator did not notice a change in the kit and did not restart qmake and build accordingly.

  • No, you should be able to have one project configured for multiple platforms (cross-platform, you know :-) ) and producing correct artifacts. The possible issue is the one I've just noted with QtCreator not getting the change in the kits.

  • Ah ok I have understood so it can be just a QtCreator bug (since I am using a 3.1 snapshot).

  • yes. I just was talking to somebody else and it looks like it is a real bug which is not related to BB10. QtCreator should generally initiate a full rebuild if a user switches kits. We will create an issue on this

  • Yes I think is the case to do it.
    I am trying android qt port of my softair on BB...I hope it works well!

  • As I told you, I am trying my android qt port of softair...android is used to have "assets:/" for file and so on: how can I deal that on BB10?

    I mean, when my app start it copies a file in local dir, on android I use as source path "assets:/DB/file"; on BB10 how I can specify that path?

    (DB/file is copied using DEPLOYMENTFOLDERS)

  • There is a bug, I don't if in QtCreator or BB Qt, but when I deploy a package to a device, no one delete *.bar file instead its final size is append to the old one!
    When I wasn't aware of that, my bar file was about 626mb!!!

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