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[SOLVED] BB10 official support for Qt 5.x

  • Hello,
    after I've read "BB10 Qt port":
    I am not understanding why Blackberry Qt 5.x port, reached an excellent quality, is still neither present in the firmware nor in the sdk...

    Is there someone who can provide official release plan?

  • Hello AlterX,
    Did you have a look at the binary overlay for the NDK released as an addon by the Qt Project? Check the Qt5 on BlackBerry 10 wiki again.
    installing a Qt5 app on your device with the overlay is really easy. Just go to your app directory and do "$NDKPATH/bin/qmake && make && make bbhelp"
    Once you set the env variables you can just do
    "make bar_qt deploy" to install your application on the device.
    The application will be slightly bigger than usual (around 14 megabytes of libraries are shipped) but with "make bar_qt_signed" you can create an application file that is ready for submission on blackberry world!
    I hope this helps you.

  • Hi,
    yes I have seen that, but I think if I do an app using Qt5.x it doesn't work on BB10 because there is no support within the firmware. That is, I cannot publish that app...

  • I'm sorry I just edited my post with additional information while you posted.
    I will be updating the wiki pages to give a better explanation as how to test and deploy Qt5 applications with the Overlay today.

    What Operating system are you on?

    If you use the overlay and the commands I outlined (they are explained in make bbhelp) the Qt5 runtime will be packaged into your application and will run without requiring a Qt5 runtime installed on the device.
    Applications created in that way are perfectly suitable for submission on blackberry world.

  • Ah ok, so the overlay create a bundle with the runtime...but why Rim to this? I mean, will the Qt5 runtime shipped with the firmware?

  • @AlterX: Moving the whole platform to a new, non BC (Qt5 vs Qt4) version of one of the base layers (as Qt4 in BB10) is not a quick and simple thing you do in a rush. Moreover, there might be other, more important tasks for many teams. Like any platform, BB10 wants to be attractive for end users and for developers. Qt (4 or 5) is only a part of the whole picture, important part, but still a part. Qt is an exciting technology and Qt5 is its top edge, but this is by far not the only thing the market expects from a mobile platform.

    If you wanna use Qt5 for app development you are better off using a pre-built package. It is better for BB10 as a platform too, since we can channel all apps using one base and not multiple self-made versions.

  • Hi Vladimir, yes I know Qt is just a part of a big plan, but:

    1. Qt 4.x on blackberry are close to be unusable (I have just ported a stupid app, but more complex apps were impossible to port due to lack of many objects and graphics effects)

    2. Think about Jolla: they did all big plan (a new operatin system, innovative UI, the best android virtual machine ever, full Qt5 support as runtime and sdk, TOH sdk, complete store and platform to publish apps ,
      many OS updates and last but not least they worked hard to ship all pre-ordered devices by themself) in just 1.5 years with 100 persons...

    I think RIM is just a little bit bigger then Jolla...

  • Ah sorry...and just porting its OS on all android based devices!!

  • Coming back to the original topic of this thread. Due to the way how applications are installed on BB10 and permissions are structured, a slide-loaded Qt run-time works the same way for an app carrying it as the one which would be provided as a part of the firmware. So side-loading should not be a reason to not using Qt5 for app development on BB10.

  • Coming back, since I have seen Qt 4.x runtime within firmware, I was thinking of some delays on Qt 5.x

    But right now swoz told me about the ability to bundle runtime with app (so publishing on BB10 is possible), I feel good since it is still possible to work on BB10 using the new Qt 5.x

  • I'm glad I could help.

  • I wanted to add one more thing that for testing you need not to bundle Qt libs with app. using Qt Creator 3.1 beta it got too easy.
    it will copy all your libs, plugins, to /accounts/devuser folder so in bar-descriptor give the path and enjoy. may help you

  • Thanks but my question was mainly to know if it was possible to publish a Qt 5.x app on BB store

  • I'm trying to configure the Qt 5.x package under's very difficult...I have tried on 3.0.1 and 3.1 beta, but nothing.
    I'am using "install new target" facilities and even it tells me installation was successfull it doesn't configure nothing!
    I am trying to install manually, but I got big problems on path of qmake.exe and similar....
    How Do I achieve this?

  • I have downloaded bb sdk 10.2 gold and QtCreator 3.01 sees the right configuration; as I replaced the original directories with overlay ones, QtCretor has not recognized the previous conf, and all was cancelled.

  • It is worrying that you write you "replaced the original directories with overlay ones". You have to copy the overlay content into the original folders, and not replace them.

    Moreover, QtCreator 3.0.x is will not recognize the additional content provided by the overlay as long the NDK is not deactivated and activated again. If 10.2 Gold is the only NDK you have, you should download and install one more version of the NDK to do the activation trick, since it is not possible to deactivate a single NDK instance. This will be improved in the upcoming 3.1. This and the previous point are mentioned in the README of the overlay, BTW.

    If you continue experience problems please file an issue as noted on wiki and in the README.

    Regarding your question "if it is possible to publish a Qt 5.x app on BB store". There are multiple Qt5 apps in the store since a long time. Some of them are even based on Qt 5.0.

  • Hi...thank you I got mistake on that.
    In fact, I had sensations of some leaks of programs when trying to configure under QtCreator since I wasn't able to find compiler and so on...that's fantastic!
    I am giving a try...

  • Wow...thank you!
    It's incredible how easy was to install BB Qt 5.2.1 under Qtcreator 3.1
    Fantastic that was the wiki I was searching for a long time

  • I have configured all and seems correct, but when I deploy just a starter BB project, after compilation, QtCreator shows me:

    Error: Failed to create application process: Exec format error

    target is qnx6 and I am trying to deploy to well-configured BB z10

  • The qnx6 target actually consists of two different ones: arm (device) and x86 (simulator). You probably managed to deploy an x86 binary on Z10.

  • Hi,
    I think the problem was that I have created a project for both android and BB that seems not compatible giving that error...starting a new project just for BB seems to work.

  • ah, one more thing. Watch if a qmake and a compile run is restarted after you had switched from one target to another. I remember the were cases that QtCreator did not notice a change in the kit and did not restart qmake and build accordingly.

  • No, you should be able to have one project configured for multiple platforms (cross-platform, you know :-) ) and producing correct artifacts. The possible issue is the one I've just noted with QtCreator not getting the change in the kits.

  • Ah ok I have understood so it can be just a QtCreator bug (since I am using a 3.1 snapshot).

  • yes. I just was talking to somebody else and it looks like it is a real bug which is not related to BB10. QtCreator should generally initiate a full rebuild if a user switches kits. We will create an issue on this

  • Yes I think is the case to do it.
    I am trying android qt port of my softair on BB...I hope it works well!

  • As I told you, I am trying my android qt port of is used to have "assets:/" for file and so on: how can I deal that on BB10?

    I mean, when my app start it copies a file in local dir, on android I use as source path "assets:/DB/file"; on BB10 how I can specify that path?

    (DB/file is copied using DEPLOYMENTFOLDERS)

  • There is a bug, I don't if in QtCreator or BB Qt, but when I deploy a package to a device, no one delete *.bar file instead its final size is append to the old one!
    When I wasn't aware of that, my bar file was about 626mb!!!

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