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Expert C++ Team available

  • Our experience is over 5 years.
    Key technologies we use:
    C/C++, Lua, Python; STL, Boost, Qt, apr, TBB, Win HTTP, curl, expat, OpenMP; Oracle, MySQL, PostrgreSQL; C++/CLI, C#/pinvoke, Java/jni; Visual Studio, Eclipse, Qt Creator, NetBeans, KDevelop; windows, linux/ unix; cmake, ant, gtest, NUnit, Junit, glib/GTK+, vim, Emacs, UML, XML, XSD, XSLT, JSO, Jira, Redmine; svn, git, mercurial.

    We are looking for an interesting project at the moment.
    To discuss our possible cooperation please drop me a line at tanya(dot)dementeva(at)simbirsoft(dot)com.

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