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C++/Qt/OpenGL/XML SIP/XMPP Mobile Cross Platform Client - Berlin Germany

    1. Project description.

    We talk about a cross platform client based on C++ that should be compliant on Android, Black Berry, Windows Phone 8. This client is a SIP/XMPP client with features like audio/video call, audio/video conference, messaging, social network messaging with media support. The SIP/XMPP/XCAP protocol transaction is handled by doubango API The OS support, threading, network support, XML, 2d drawing, animation etc. should be handled by Qt API (OpenGL, BB API, Android API etc.) Here is an info graphic:

    You'll get all the GUI elements you need, User experience video, server support (test environment), SVN or GIT server for deliver your work, after beta delivery a Jira Tickets and all logistic you need.

    1. Collaboration Infos.

    Payment: 18$/Hour

    I'm looking for a long time collaboration based on trust so we can consolidate a cross platform team. I'm the guy who work for the native iOS client and also the one is in charge to manage the multi cross platform version. I live in Berlin/Germany and I'm C/C++/Objective C developer. You'll have to talk only with me and this could be an advantage for you so you don't have to deal with clients (however on the client side is in charge a technical man that understand lot of things in the development process, but he don't have time to deal with entire team). The client is and they are the one who directly pay you (I don't get any fee and the money are go directly to you). They need TAX deduction so you need to provide deduction documents for payment checks (paid by PayPal or other solutions).

    You can be located anywhere in the world. Is not a location based project.

    Tell me about you, what did you worked for, how hard do you think looks for you this project, how much you wish and can be involved in this project.

    We can chat via iRC, mail, Skype or any other communication you prefer. You can leave a response message or PM me.


  • I have been working as a Qt developer for 5+ years and now lead a software company and one of our biggest teams is Qt team with 12 Qt engineers on board and we are growing each month.

    We are supporting clients all over the world, developed over 50 Qt apps on various platforms (mobile/embedded/desktop) last year and are becoming a very strong Qt and the goal is to be the best Qt team ever.

    We have worked with companies from Germany and now supporting a client for a long-term embedded project (can share references of various clients and contact for our current clients in Germany - via email if needed).

    I would like to negotiate the rates a bit if it's possible and let's chat via Skype or email when you're available. THanks.

    Feel free to contact me online:
    Skype: kacper_gazda

    Best regards,
    Kacper Gazda
    Milo Solutions

  • I'm software engineer, i use linux and qt from 1996. I was a Qt Ambassador and contribute to various Qt opensource project. In this period i'm developing mobile apps (IOS, BB10, Android, Jolla, NemoMobile, WindowsPhone) . I have experience using telepathy XMMP.
    To my complete profile you can see:


  • Hello,

    the job looks interesting and I'd like to be part of the team.

    I like to work on networked applications and I have experience with Qt and C++. I developed my own framework for Qt web (take a look at ) and have been involved in other projects.

    My contact email is vini <dot> ipsmaker <at> gmail <dot> com

  • Hi, i'm interested on this job. I've worked for 3 years on a XMPP/VOIP/VIDEO/CHAT plattform called Nimbuzz. I have experience on C++ and Qt.


  • Hi,

    Claysol(Bangalore, India) have team with 5+ years of experiece in cross platform app development strong C/C++ development experience.
    We have worked with NSN(Germany) and supported their many products including middleware and consumer electronics.
    Please let me know suitable time to discuss about project and scope of work.

    Looking forward to hear you soon.

    Best regards,
    skype: manishbms

  • hi i am interested contact me "aref .mehran.w at gmail"

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