[Solved] Restoring a wiki article to earlier state before wrong information spoiled it.

  • It is part of the wiki technology that most (or all) users can add additional information. Alas, being human, sometimes the added information or change of a wiki article is outright wrong. Most such events are not meant to be evil, but the result is still misleading.

    One often used way to remedy this is to restore the state of the article prior to the wrong additions or substitutions.

    Unfortunately, in this wiki I can not find a simple way of doing it. (I do not see a complicated way, either :) No doubt there is a history of every article and a way to go back in history. I would like to be enlightened about it and would appreciate any information how such "restoration of history" can be achieved.


  • there is a way actually,

    1. open the wiki article in question
    2. click on the "Article History" button on the right side of your screen in "Wiki Menu"
    3. You will the revisions listed and each one has a "Edit to revert" link ...

    Think you can take it on from here ..


    Thank you - as always a wrong idea (there is no history) once shown to be wrong makes one feel incredibly stupid... No excuse for it - thank you for kindly pointing it out and my apologies for the noise.


  • OldAl nothing stupid about it :)
    Some more time at devnet, you'll know whats available where ... I've asked tonnes of questions about devnet website when the answer was staring right at me :D

  • Thank you for the note. Put it this way - my question was not the result of smart thinking... I just failed to notice the history tab and convinced myself that this wiki was really peculiar - history not readily available. Not readily available - my foot...

    Sincere thank you!


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