• It has been awhile now since we heard about the results of the (beta) exams taken on the DevDays (and afterwards, I guess). While it was nice to get a "pass" by email, it would be helpful to get the actual certificate as well. Is there any idea when we can expect that?

  • I'm interested too in this, but I think certs will be available only after exams release (which is planned at end of Q1 2011 as qt.nokia.com says).

  • we've just sent an info message (see below) to all who had passed a beta exam. We are doing everything possible to get it done as soon as possible! Thanks for waiting!

    To keep you all up-to-date, we'd like to inform you that a draft of the certificate has already been created and sent to our designer, and we have decided to sign up an additional printing house to print and send certificates.

    We currently estimate that your certificates will be sent out in March. Please make sure that your postal address is correct by logging into the Pearson VUE's website http://www.pearsonvue.com/nokiaqt/.

    Thank you for your patience!

  • Vladimir, thanks for an update.

  • Yeah. Fine. Thanks.

    Like is it going to be worth anything since yesterdays announcement. Who is going to care that you're certified by a Nokia for a platform that is being flushed down the drain by that same Nokia?

  • Andre, Qt is not only about Symbian. It is desktop framework too.

  • and not only Desktop, also an embedded Framework. I know not only one industrial embedded Qt solution, which is not depending on Phones...

  • Don't you think I know all that? I passed the exam, I know what Qt is capable of, and where it is used.

    My worry is just that the company issuing the certificates seems no longer interested in it, since they are in the mobile phone business. Anyway, that is off topic for this forum, enough is being said on that in topics in the Lounge, on the mailinglists, the blogosphere and on IRC.

  • @Andre. I understand your concerns, but I suggest not making things more dramatic than they are. We do continue to work on Qt.

  • Hi,
    who can check status of delivering of the Qt Specialist Certificate document by post
    ( I’ve passed the exam on 05.08.2011 and didn’t get the document yet )?

  • [quote author="Pavel Mazniker" date="1316081182"]
    who can check status of delivering of the Qt Specialist Certificate document by post
    ( I’ve passed the exam on 05.08.2011 and didn’t get the document yet )?

    That would be Vladimir. It takes a while to ship these Certificates -- for various reasons -- so I wouldn't worry about it yet. :)

  • Please send all queries about lost certificates to Qt Certification via "this link":http://qt.nokia.com/contact-qt-certification . @Pavel: I forwarded your query for now.

    Generally, there are two major reasons why a few people are waiting too long for their certificates:

    People make mistakes in their addresses

    Local mail services do not work reliably

    In order to solve the first one, we've started sending automated emails after each passed exam and ask people to verify their postal address. It looks like it helped a bit. Nevertheless, some people make mistakes in their email address as well. Then, such cases are totally lost... There is a section about this "here":http://qt.nokia.com/learning/certification/help

    We did not find any good solution for the second point. And now I tend to think, there is none... We used to send Specialist certificates with registered letters, and a few still got lost... If local mail service does not work properly, we cannot do anything... We resent some certificates with UPS, and imagine, there are some countries where even UPS is able to deliver a letter reliably...

    Well, it certainly has to be said, that in the past we had a few problems with a print shop which was sending certificates, and there were delays (your batch, Pavel, is went out OK, AFAIK). Now we are switching to another print shop which is better organized, and it should work better.

  • Hi Vladimir.
    Ok you clarified the possible solution to perhaps a problem 100% clear for me.
    My address is right 100%
    I will check in local mail services whether they delivered the batch to my address.
    if the batch was lost during the delivery , then can I apply for duplicate batch to receive it to central post office on my name ( 100% reliable I guess)?

  • Vladimir!
    I need the document ASAP.
    I was at the post office ( local mail services - central office ) today - they say they did not receive the letter with Qt Certificate ( Specialist ).
    Please check what is going with this letter's delivery ( it is more than 6 weeks after I passed the exam ).
    Please or resend it or let me know where is the letter ASAP?

  • Thank you!
    Today I've received the batch ( Certificate ) sent by Wenzel.

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