New Qt Mobility GeoServices plugin: Cloudmade

  • Hello,

    As member of Cloudmade team, I'm proud to tell that we released our geoservice plugin!
    It's only initial version, and it will be continuously improved.
    It support search, reverse geocoding, routing and of course cloudmade map tiles!
    Now you can use all this stuff in your map application, its very simple to switch and check how it works.

    Sources are here:

    • geoservice plugin code itself: plugins/geoservices/cloudmade
    • you can see how it works with examples: mapviewer, geoservicedemo

    Any feedback and questions are welcome!
    Cloudmade team

  • Moved to showcase forum, which is meant for this type of posts.

  • The openstreetmap plugin (haven't tested this for the cloudmade one) segfaults, if the map widget is destroyed while network transfers are still in progress (e.g. while there are still "grey" tiles).

    But other than that: Great!!!

  • I also gave the cloudmade geoservices plugin a quick spin and indeed it worked. I ran the declarative location example apps without problems.

    A question, are the development and release version meant to point to same gitorious project?

    In any case here you can find the contribution process should you want to start contribution process of the plugin upstream to qtmobility:

  • The release and development versions are separated, and we looking forward to contribute into upstream to qt mobility, so thanks for link to guide!

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