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5.2.0 for windows for both ios and android

  • Where the fargh can I download it you farghers?

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    Nowhere. Deploying for iOS is only possible on Mac, due to Apple policies of signing the stuff. Qt Project is investigating other options, but it seems that there is no getting around Apple's rule there.

    So, although it might be inconvenient, it's not Qt's fault.

  • Apple wants to sell Apple hardware and software so they restrict building iOS apps to use both, although Xcode and the iOS SDK are both available as free downloads on the Mac App Store. In addition, the iOS Developer Program is $99/year.

    You may want to look at the possibility of using virtual machines, such as VMWare and VirtualBox, but I'm not sure what's involved or how successfully you can build iOS apps on these.

    The Wikipedia article "Virtual Machines":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_machine has more information and you can search Google or ...


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