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    I have a system wide hotkey class and created for my Qt5.1 app, "QSystemHotkey":https://github.com/CCi-BClark/SystemHotkey. Since there is not a class that does this I figured I would give a go at submitting it to the Qt5 library. How could I go about making it a better suited candidate?

    Currently it is implemented with the QApplication::processEvents() function to ensure the UIX doesn't freeze like so:
    void hotkeyPressed(int position); //Handle hotkey SIGNAL

    //Create data type.
    STDSystemHotkey *hotkeys;

    //Connect data type to hadler function.
    connect(hotkeys, SIGNAL(runHotkey(int)),this,SLOT(hotkeyPressed(int)));

    hotkeys->addKey(200,MOD_ALT,'X'); //Add hotkey to system.

    hotkeys->beginHotkeys(); //Start listening for hotkeys.

    hotkeyPressed(int position){
    int val = hotkey->getHotkey(position);
    switch (val) {
    case 200:
    //function to run

    hotkeys->haultHotkeys(); //Stop listening for hotkeys.

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    You can use a queued signal and slot connection plus a QTimer to "order" your hotkey handling function to be run.

    If you want to contribute the code to Qt, you need to follow "the official guidelines":http://wiki.qt-project.org/Main_Page

    Definitely it should work on Mac and Linux, apart from Windows.

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