QGraphicsLinearLayout: removal of stretches

  • When I add a Stretch to a QGraphicsLinearLayout, I need to give an index as a parameter:
    @void QGraphicsLinearLayout::insertStretch ( int index, int stretch = 1 );@

    or I add it to the end:
    @void QGraphicsLinearLayout::addStretch ( int stretch = 1 );@

    To remove it, I suppose I need to give the Stretch object itself as a parameter [QGraphicsLayoutItem *item] :
    @void setStretchFactor ( QGraphicsLayoutItem * item, int stretch )@

    But I can't find it how to get it ?
    I would have expected I could remove it by index, but I can't find such an API.
    removeItem doesn't remove the stretch either.

    Any help ?

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