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[solved] Login issue while posting on the forum with Firefox 25.0.1

  • I wanted to post a question on the forum a few minutes ago. I wrote the whole question and message body, previewd the post (correctly) a few times. Then I finally pressed the Submit Post button (while using Firefox 25.0.1) I got the next error:

    It complained that I wasn't logged in, while I actually was. This issue only happens in Firefox 25.0.1; in Chrome this issue doesn't happen.
    I tried to make a very simple post in the QnA Testing area and I had the same result - which makes me think I will have this issue in any forum area.
    I tried to input my login details in that page but it ends up with a login error message.

    Could you please look into this and give me any advice?
    p.s. posting from Chrome right now for the same reason explained here

    I forgot to say I don't have any issues with reading threads. I can also successfully enter my profile editing page and I can successfully update my signature. Not sure if that is of any help...

  • Nevermind, today seems like this issue is gone...

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