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  • Hope this is the place for this, I didn't really see anywhere else.

    So I like the idea of this notes thing. However, apparently you have to be an ant farmer to be able to add notes. While I understand we want credible people adding to the documentation and want to reduce spam, it can be frustrating when someone has a valid really nice to know suggestion they want to add and they go through the hassle of registering an account only to find out that they can't even put the note up without posting a bunch. Seems a bit deterring.

    My suggestion? Allow users to post notes that require being approved before they actually show up. But ah, you say, this requires moderation/work. Yes it does, but it will improve the documentation. You could possibly allow ant farmers and above to upvote notes, thus reducing the need for Qt staff to actually approve notes made by new accounts. After all if you can trust an ant farmer (180 points+) to create their own notes, why not be able to approve other's notes for posting? Then if it gets enough upvotes, let's say 3 for now, it shows up publicly to all accounts and guests. If it gets down voted, taking away its positive 3 score, then it disappears. Yay!

    Just my little suggestion.

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    Good suggestion, but I fear the Forums admin/ dev pool is understaffed and has little spare time to implement this.

  • Understood, hopefully someone will have some spare time as I think it'd be awesome to have.

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    Thanks for your suggestion; I agree that it would make the resources much more accessible to newcomers.

    Would you be willing to post the suggestion to https://bugreports.qt-project.org/ (under "Qt Project Website")? That makes the suggestion more likely to be seen by someone who has the authority to implement features. This forum thread will probably get buried under all other posts after a while.

  • Sure will, thanks for the look I was actually originally looking for something like that JKSH, but couldn't find it. Thanks.

  • Aaah. That's why I can't post a note. I wanted to suggest something to a doc page.

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