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Polish Startup looking for Qt developers

  • I represent a Polish startup which has a big focus on Qt software development.
    I myself have been working as a Qt developer for 5+ years and decided to build a software company.
    Our current Qt team consist of 12 developers and our goal is to grow to 20 developers till December 2014.

    I strongly believe that our approach to development, business and communication can make our company the best Qt team ever.

    We are looking for interns, junior and senior Qt developers, so if you think you got the 'cool' and 'talented' factor, feel free to write to

    If our team finds your Cv and portfolio suitable, you'll be invited to Skype interviews.
    Please share your code samples, portfolio, github account or anything that can show off your skills.

    Candidates from Poland preferred, but if we can't find a suitable person in Poland we will look in other countries, so if you think you're very good, don't worry where are you from as this does not matter in the end.

    People matter, not place that they work from.

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    I've told ye I'll be back ;) Now that my plans for next year are more clear, I've sent you an email. Good luck in finding all the people, maybe I'm one of them.

  • Thanks, let's have a call next week to see what we work out.

  • Hi,

    I noticed your rate on places like odesk. I won't put exact numbers here, but should I assume that the developer gets even less than that?

    I'm from east European country as well, but if such a salary is enough for comfortable living in Poland, I should consider moving there ;)

  • I am a developer myself who worked with various companies (startups, corporations) and I can tell you that we give individual terms to each developer as people are not the same.

    HR departments like to flatten population and set that each Junior dev should earn this and that and treat people as resource. We do not do this and right people get good salaries.

    That being said, first consider sending your CV/porfolio and making sure you pass the interview process (one of the interview directly with me) and then salary is negotiable.

  • This topic is still active, if great Qt devs are looking to join a new team : )

  • Hi,

    What are your salary boundaries for Qt Developers? Is this job in Warsaw only or remote working is also possible?

  • You can work either in Warsaw or another city in Poland or remotely.
    Job boundaries are very vast and they are based on your experience and working efficiency, which will be measured during interview ; )

  • Hi,
    i'm interested to remote position , is it possible?

  • I'm still interested on applying for that job! :)

  • Hi guys,

    This job post is still opened and we are looking for new talented devs to join our team. Our preference is for Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, but if you're good, the doors are opened.

    Feel free to send me your cv/resume to


  • Our team is to hire 2 Qt devs (ideally senior developers) within the next 2 weeks. This position is opened and we are focused on hiring devs from Ukraine, Poland, Russia and Belarus, however, if you're better than others, you will be hired no matter where are you from.

    Feel free to send you applications to


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