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  • Hi. I started with a new book now "C++ GUI Programming with Qt4 " and I use QT Creator 2.7.0 Based on Qt 5.2.0.
    Very easy just put text label and change text property to "&Cell Location" . for some reason the text property showing exactly at I wrote them "& Cell Location" and not like it showing in the book
    Whats wrong??

  • Hello norrbotten68,

    Book is right , but you skipped following instructions..
    "All the widgets look fine now, except the text label, which shows &Cell Location. Click Edit|Edit Buddies to enter a special mode that allows you to set buddies. Next, click the label and drag the red arrow line to the line editor, then release. The label should now appear as Cell Location, as shown in Figure , and have the line editor as its buddy. Click Edit|Edit Widgets to leave buddy mode."

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