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How to speed up access to QList<qreal> exposed from C++ to QML

  • Hi,
    I have some problem with speed to access to QList<qreal> property.
    I have declared
    @ Q_PROPERTY(QList<qreal> circlePointsX READ circlePointsX NOTIFY circlePointsXChanged);
    QList<qreal> circlePointsX(void) const
    return mCirclePointsX;

    and in QML file, i made

    @ pArea.circlesPointsX = paintAreaHelper.circlePointsX;

    and after that some code is reading point by point
    var cPointsX = circlesPointsX;
    var cPointsY = circlesPointsY;

        var noOfPoints = circlesPointsX.length - 4;
        for (var i = 0; i <= noOfPoints; i+=4)
            ctx.moveTo(cPointsX[i], cPointsY[i]);
            ctx.lineTo(cPointsX[i+1], cPointsY[i+1]);
            ctx.lineTo(cPointsX[i+2], cPointsY[i+2]);
            ctx.lineTo(cPointsX[i+3], cPointsY[i+3]);
            ctx.lineTo(cPointsX[i], cPointsY[i]);


    of course the type of property is var
    @ property var circlesPointsX;@

    and asigmen
    @ var cPointsX = circlesPointsX;@

    does not spped up anything, because it's just copying the reference....

    I debug it, and for every signle acces, the c++ method is called.
    I would like to copy the data from c++ once and access it from "local qml copy" instead of calling getter every time....

    Thank you in advance

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