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Wiki Work

  • A quick heads-up: We are currently working on the category structure on the wiki and have started to move pages and categories around. The goal is both to do some cleaning and to prepare the wiki for improvements we have planned.

    I will give you some more information in the coming week.

    In case you think one of your pages have gone missing, please send me a message and I will have a look.

    Enjoy your weekends, folks!

  • Here's the update:

    Some parts of the wiki engine seem to be buggy, especially when it comes to categories/subcategories. The idea is to sort translated articles into the original category to make the transition into the next wiki iteration more smoothly. In the end we should have something similar to MediaWiki's approach to multi-languages.

    For now, we need to wait a bit until Gurudutt is done debugging.

  • good news.

  • What is the name of Wiki engine again?
    Why it is not written at the bottom?

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