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Display of gruop membership in profile

  • Hi, I just saw that if someone is in more then three groups, then logos of groups under obscure the descriptions of groups upper, it is lokking like this:

    It is not a big bug, but this is not looking well. I use Firefox 3.6.13 and Windows 7

    edit: I don't find in Jira this bug so I create this one: "QTWEBSITE-182":

    [ edit: link fixed / Denis Kormalev ]

  • Please check, whether there is already a Jira bug, otherwise create one.... Could be that it is already reported, there were some problems with the group display, but I don't know if that was already fixed....

  • Something was wrong with groups listings before the recent update. But as far as I remember, this was "only" a forum thread.

    BlackDante, just a small request regarding the bugreport:
    The summary field is more like a title for the ticket (as in the forum here), it should be a quite short text. The actual text goes into the description field. Not a big deal, but it helps scanning through the list of issues.

  • Oh, my fault, i wanna do it fat, so I just copy what I wrote here to summary and description :) next time i will improve myself :) but I hope that will not be a "next time" :)

  • Why not? I'm sure there are some other glitches here and there on Qt DevNet and the Trolls are happy if you report these things :-)

  • Always are some glitches, I know, we are only humans so code never will be "perfect" and if I will saw something bad acting I will report this, but I mean that DevNet will be bug free :)

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