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Error printing Hindi? with QT 4.7.1 over Wince

  • Hello to all,

    My scenario: QT 4.7.1 compiled for wince 5.0 on a arm4i. I'm using arialunicode like font.
    I have got a little application which displays same word in different languages using a label.

    with Qt 4.6.3 it works perfect, but with version 4.7.1 when I tray to display this word "हिन्दी" the application show this error:

    QWidget::repaint: Recursive repaint detected
    0x97bd7364: Data Abort: Thread=97bd7364 Proc=8c24ce60 'XX.exe'
    0x97bd7364: AKY=00000401 PC=01c412dc(qtcore4.dll+0x000812dc) RA=01c41220(qtcore4.dll+0x00081220) BVA=0000003c FSR=00000001
    0x97bd7364: NKDispatchException: returning failure. Flags=0
    Unhandled exception at 0x01c412dc in XX.exe: 0x80000002: Datatype misalignment.

    The strange thing is that other languages like Chinese,Arabic, and the "Hindi" is the only one which makes the application crash.

    Sorry if this caracters are not Hindi, I know that in India there are many different languages and there are also different alphabets...
    I'm working with some translations that are not mine, and this is characters are supposed to be hindi.

    Thanks a lot,


  • could you help me in solving my problem. M actually building one app for language translation. But the problem is that m not able to show proper language translations for languages that uses characters other than our standard alphabets

  • Hello maruti,

    You have to take on account some points when I are working with multilanguage:

    You can start with this points...


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