Minimum required width of a QTextBrowser containing HTML table.

  • Hi,

    I am new to Qt.

    I am using a QTextBrowser to display HTML table. I need to resize the browser to minimum size that would be enough to show the table properly without scrollbars.

    QTextBrowser browser = new QTextBrowser();
    QString html("<table width =100% > <tr><td>col1</td><td>col2</td></tr><tr><td>val1</td><td>val2</td></tr></table>")
    QTextDocument doc = browser->document();
    browser->resize(doc->pageSize().width(), doc->size().height());

    This returns me the corrent height but not width. No matter what my columns data is it returns me 288 as width.

    But this code works fine if I remove width attribute from my html table tag.

    How to find the minimum required width for a QTextBrowser??

  • Hi...
    I am searching for full source code for facebook qt.I have downloaded the source code from the below link:

    but during compilation i am geting error " not found". I have searched for in qjson directory its empty.I think I am not geting the complete source code.
    can anyone suggest any link from where i can download the full code for facebook qt source.


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