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Qt Development vs. Development using Qt

  • I noticed that the Category:QtDevelopment category page lists lots of pages that are about developing using Qt rather than developing Qt itself; i.e., hacking on the library, documentation, tests, etc. Originally, the category was created to describe "the tools and processes that are used during the development of the Qt library and tools."

    Should we create a new category for development using Qt and move pages like "ApplicationsUsingQtWebKit" and the "Games" subcategory there, or should we create a new category for developing Qt and move pages like "BuildingQtDocumentation" there instead?

  • Yes, I think such a cleanup is a good idea.

  • We will also need to work on better names to make the distinction clearer. Something like "under the hood", "behind the scenes", "hacking Qt", "Building Qt", ... OK, probably something else :)

  • Okay, so I misunderstood that group... Since it has subgroups that would be ”development using Qt”, I assumed that the parent group was generic place for that stuff...

    Current category names seems somewhat confusing in general, maybe some kind of description thingy for them would be useful. Or maybe it could be that page that opens when clicking the category? Currently it seems to be only used as listing in most places.

  • Well, while wrong, Qt Development is a phrase people are used to.

    When you see a job opportunity which says "Java developer needed" you think of a developer that can program in Java, and not somebody who hacks on Java itself.

    So, IMO, the same goes for Qt.

  • So, should I create a new category for "Development of Qt", then? Maybe called DevelopmentOfQtItself, just to make it clear?

  • "Hacking Qt" would be a good title, IMHO.

  • @Volker +1

  • @Volker, @Ivan: I'm not so sure. There are lots of clueless people out there who think that "Hacking Qt" == "Cracking Qt".

  • [quote author="david.boddie" date="1295273238"]@Volker, @Ivan: I'm not so sure. There are lots of clueless people out there who think that "Hacking Qt" == "Cracking Qt".[/quote]

    If these people really believe this is a serious topic on an official Nokia Qt Developer Network site the well deserve being called idiots.

  • Well, maybe I'm just hanging in the wrong (right? :) ) crowd so everybody knows what 'hacking' means.

    I guess this could be a potential problem for complete newbies (trying not to use volker's word for them:) ) which as Qt becomes more mainstream could prove problematic.

    So, if this is the concern, I guess Nokia/Qt marketing team should come up with a better name which would satisfy both us and the unacquainted ones.

  • How about HackingOnQt?

  • I think there was consensus to move away from camelCase titles and just use spaces. Much easier to read.

    On the suggestions front, how about "Developing Qt itself" as opposed to "Developing with Qt"?

  • It's a bit of a tricky question. So far, the biggest chunk of content is about developing applications with Qt as opposed to developing Qt itself.

    "Qt Development" felt pretty clear to me (similar to "Web Development" for example). I am not sure if we don't confuse more people by naming the category like this which is dealing with the development of the libraries themselves...

    In conclusion: I don't know either. At least not right now. If you can give me some time, chances are good that it changes. :P

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