QTcpServer Error Setting proxy

  • Hi all, Im trying to set proxy for a QTcpSopcket, but suddenly when I call connectToHost()
    I face with this error :" QAbstractSocket::UnsupportedSocketOperationError , The requested socket operation is not supported by the local operating system (e.g., lack of IPv6 support). "

    where is the problem?

    here the code :

    @m_tcpSocket = new QTcpSocket();

  • p{direction:rtl;text-align:right;}. شما در کل نیازی به setType ندارید و توی tcp/ip معنی نداره اینکار. اگر نیاز به request و response از http دارید بجاش از QNetwrokAccessManager باید استفاده کنید.


  • na ma mikham bara socketam proxy set konam. Qhttp , QNetwrokAccessManager ina moshkeli nadaran.

    age type ro moshkhas nakoni ke khodesh type ro default mizare
    ke deafult ham applicationProxy hastesh.

    QNetworkProxy::DefaultProxy 0 Proxy is determined based on the application proxy set using setApplicationProxy()

    ke age setApplicationProxy() nakarde bashid typesh mishe NoProxy va kolan proxy tatil mishe.

  • p{direction:rtl;text-align:right;}. طبق مستندات

    p{direction:ltr;text-align:left;}. SOCKS 5    Generic proxy for any kind of connection. Supports TCP, UDP, binding to a port (incoming connections) and authentication.

    p{direction:ltr;text-align:left;}. HTTP    Implemented using the "CONNECT" command, supports only outgoing TCP connections; supports authentication.

    p{direction:ltr;text-align:left;}. Caching-only HTTP    Implemented using normal HTTP commands, it is useful only in the context of HTTP requests (see QNetworkAccessManager)

    p{direction:ltr;text-align:left;}. Caching FTP    Implemented using an FTP proxy, it is useful only in the context of FTP requests (see QNetworkAccessManager)


  • p{direction:rtl;text-align:right;}. QNetworkProxy proxy;
     proxy.setType(QNetworkProxy::Socks5Proxy); or proxy.setType(QNetworkProxy::HttpProxy);

    p{direction:rtl;text-align:right;}.  QNetworkProxy::setApplicationProxy(proxy);


  • p{direction:rtl;text-align:right;}. اقا من یه سوال داشت سر سوکت برای چی میخوای پروکسی ست کنی؟

    p{direction:rtl;text-align:right;}. اگه میخواهی وب را بفرستی رو پروکسی که باید از httpproxy استفاده کنی .

    p{direction:rtl;text-align:right;}. اگر هم میخواهی  پروکسی سرور کلاینت راه بندازی که این روشش نیست.



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