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  • I am implementing the A* path finding routines against a sparsely populated graph object. The algorithm appears to be fairly straight forward to implement. My question for the group though is how to implement the open and closed lists - specifically the open list.

    In the implementation the open list needs to satisfy the following functionality: Find (and remove) the node with the most minimum F-Cost value stored in the list; be able to re-order the list in case an existing node's F-Cost changes (i.e. a new route to the same node is cheaper); and, be able to find a specific node by name or ID value or whatever.

    I have been reading up on the different structures and it seems that perhaps the STL data structure that most closely matches my needs is the Map. However, before I start coding, I wanted to ask the group here if there was perhaps a different data structure that they would recommend.

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  • You can do this with map or multimap containers, or you can creat your own container if you know somethink about OOP and templates :) it is fun and when you end container you will be pround :) but faster way is use one of containers from STL

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