Hiring Qt specialist to develop GUI for planetariums!

  • RSA Cosmos is a french company specialised in planetariums.
    We are designing and installing planetariums all arround the world.

    In this field, we are developping a software suite composed of 2 main softwares:

    • SkyExplorer : a real-time simulator of our Univers
    • DomeManager: The GUI that allow to create shows and do live session in front of audience

    We are starting from scratch the coding of DomeManager (V2), we are looking for Qt specialist that would be motivatied to integrate our business.
    This new GUI will be more visual, ergonomic, tactil, "EASY to USE, and NICE to SEE" are the key words of this project.

    If you have experience in Qt / Qt Quick.
    If you know how to avoid multithreading issues,
    If you have some knowledge on network programming,
    If you like or are interested in astronomy.
    If you have a strong motivation for your work,
    Send your curriculum to benjamin.cabut_AT_rsacosmos.com

    RSA Cosmos is based in sorbiers, close to St Etienne, and near Lyon.

  • You opening sounds very interesting and I'll send you our Qt team information soon.

    We have an amazing Qt team, support clients all over the world and work with Qt on almost any platform were Qt is present.


    Best regards,
    Kacper Gazda
    Milo Solutions

  • I can:

    • create GUI in Qt
    • create plots in qwt
    • xml, sql, network, opengl

    I am a beginner. But I might work with you 8 hour in day. I can be in constant communication with you. I want 500$ in month. My English is bad but I learn it.

    my email: 8observer8@gmail.com

    Please, help me! Gave me a job!

  • I am interested to create GUI in Qt. If any revelant work is available in that area, feel free to reach me at monalisa.kanungo@gmail.com

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