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Milo Solutions Kick-ass Qt Team looking for new Developers!

  • Hello Qt Developers!

    I lead a software company focused on Qt Software Development and we are currently looking for new Qt devs to join our team. We are working remotely from Poland and prefer candidates from Poland, Ukraine or Russia, but if you're an experienced Qt developer with great English we may still consider hiring you as well. In the end people matter more than the place where they live.

    We are currently looking for Qt devs from Juniors to Seniors and have a requirement to bring few Qt developers till the end of 2013. We are working on almost any platform were Qt is present and are building mobile/web teams as well, so we are creating a very unique learning environment for everyone.

    Please send your CVs/resumes to me directly (include your skype id as well), so we can cut any HR bull**** and talk as one developer with another. My email: kgazda@milosolutions.com

    Best regards,
    Kacper Gazda
    Milo Solutions

  • Moderators

    Doh, a bit too soon for me. I may want to transfer to you next year, but right now I can't :/

    Anyway, good luck to ye, I'm observing your progress for some months now and you seem to be building a great company.

  • Thanks and I'll be watching you closely too : )

  • Hi, I sent my resume to you, finding a junior job related to Qt or computer vision.If you need someone who focus on computer vision, openCV, Qt please sent me an email.

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