Very experienced US Senior Developer with Qt (since version 3.2) , embedded, Win/Lin, and proj mgnt for telecommute

  • Resumé:

    I have been developing in Qt since version 3.2 (circa 2004) . I am primarily a embedded software engineer, but I also have done high performance server apps as well. I can basically do anything you need . I am a little weak on 3D, but I did successfully use Qt3D for project while it was being maintained. I have experience with MS SQL server, Oracle, and SQL Lite, Python, Perl, .NET, and a touch of Java, though my passion is Qt.

    I've really excelled at Project Management and I'm capable of leading Agile and Waterfall methods of development.

    I am local to the Baltimore, MD area, and will consider on-site work if it is local. However, I expect a remote opportunity. I also have excellent references.

    If you are interested please contact me for additional information. (Please use the email address in the resume)
    Thank you.

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