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Wiki not navigatable without categories

  • There doesn't seem to be any way to navigate the wiki pages which have no categories. That's a general problem wikis have, but MediaWiki at least also has a Special:AllPages page.

    Is Categories going to be the main way to navigate it?

  • The plan is to use tags for that. Unfortunately, the engine isn't there yet... Which makes the wiki a bit cumbersome to navigate. I am trying to figure out how we can fix this for the time being.

    Any hint or suggestion welcome.

  • I will ask it again: what about making a real first page on the wiki?
    The current first page mostly explains how to work with a Wiki. That is not why you go on a wiki, you go to look for information, and contribute if you feel like it.

    For me, what is the current first page should be in the links at the top (or buried deep inside the wiki). And I would replace the page by an overview with titles like Qt, QtWebKit, QtCreator, QtMobility, etc, and specific subjects under those categories.

    Even right now when I would like to contribute, I don't know where to start because the Wiki does not even have the beginning of a structure.

    For reference, that is how wikipedia uses to look:

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