Qt/C++ developer for self service kiosks (The Netherlands)

  • About Enzosystems
    Enzosystems is a small innovative company established in 1991. The company is private funded and has a healthy financial base. We are leading in the development of self service payment and ticketing kiosks in The Netherlands. Both hardware and software are developed in-house, using cutting edge technologies. Our kiosk applications are known for the attractive but simple to use graphical user interfaces. The kiosk hardware is well designed with the focus on user friendliness, attractive design, robustness and simply to maintain. Our solutions are used for public transport, hospitality, parking, ticketing and cashless payment systems.

    We are looking for a Qt developer with a strong interest in creating graphical user interfaces (touch screens) and/or communication interfaces to many different types of hardware devices.
    Most of our kiosks use a touch screen as the main interface. You will develop the graphical user interfaces for these systems together with an interaction designer and a graphical designer.
    When talking about hardware device you have to think of payment devices like unattended pinpads, banknote and coin acceptors/dispensers and contactless chipcard readers/writers. Identification is crucial in our systems, we use barcode scanners, contactless chipcard reader, passport scanners, ticket printers and other devices. For any new device we have to write the right communication interfaces.
    We develop our own electronics if we can find the right solution on the market. These electronics are working close together with our software.
    Both the development of the software application themselves, both the concept design and maintainance of the final software will be part of the job.

    We expect

    • Minimal 3 years of working experience
    • Completed software engineering education
    • Excellent C++ programming skills
    • Experience with Visual Studio
    • Teamplayer, able to work in a small team
    • Communicative and representative
    • Good Dutch or English in talking and writing

    Almere, The Netherlands (20 minutes from Amsterdam by train/car)

    Contact Erik de Vries: erik@enzosystems.com or +31-36-5461040 or www.enzosystems.com

  • Hi. I have looked at your website. Really you have a very lot of devices in your portfolio. Really every devices are made by yourself and not externally?
    The project is great and big and I'm interested about it not only as developer but as active partner.
    I think you have already some software for your devices or have you to implement everything from start?

  • I represent a software company operating from Poland and we have a great C++/Qt Team with aspirations to be the best one out there.

    We are supporting companies all over the world and grow each month.

    Thank you,
    Kacper Gazda
    Milo Solutions

  • Banned

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  • Hello,

    My name is Ansif Ibrahim. I am from Kerala, India. I have 4+ year’s of experience in Qt and Visual Studio.
    I have done my B.Tech Computer Science Engineering from Kerala university, India in 2006.
    My resume is available here:

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