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[SOLVED]Code display, maybe syntax highlighter parser issue

  • Hi Trolls and congratulations on this forum, it's really nice to talk to, and get advices from the "Guys" behind Qt, keep up the good work ;)

    But i post my first thread to report an issue with the code displaying in the posts, check [url=]this[/url] topic for example.
    (i didn't saw it reported, sorry if i somehow skipped something and it you know about it, i'm new here, it's only my second day ;) )

    The replace of sequence of characters like: parentheses look at: return a.exec ( ) ; or curly brackets, is happening in Windows 7 (with Firefox 3.6.6, 4beta, IE8, and QwebView ;) ) and on Ubuntu (Firefox, and QWebView) so i guess (because it happen everywhere even the copy button) it's an issue with syntax highlighter parser.

  • Thanks for reporting and you're right, it's the syntax highlighter parser. The parser is having some issues with things like "(a == b)" and those curly brackets. We're looking into it and it will be fixed, Qt code should look great here. :)

    If you have more to add, or find other code parsing issues, there is a bug report for it here: "":

  • Thanks for answer and link to bugreports, i created an account there and post the link to topic and platforms/browsers i tested.

  • We have tamed the curly brackets and other issues with the syntax highlighter now, if you find more oddities please let us know. :)

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