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Prefix to threads about translations

  • We in the Hungarian Gruop have agreed, that we start a new thread to every new translation that we make to show it to the others and to make a place where we can discusse it. Later I've figured out that it would be great to have a thread prefix to threads about translations. "I emitted it to vote":, and I think it would be good to know to the others too and also have their opinions.

    There are a few pros and cons (shorter or English prefix, these are in regional groups' forums, etc.), so I'm really interested in this.
    What do you think?

    p.s. sorry for leaving [suggestion] prefix, please some of the admins add it, thanks :)

  • I would go one step further and suggest that we should have for any thread that is not in English (default) a language indicator on the subject title. It could be a simple [lang:hun] in the end of the thread title.

    If you just want to indicate that is a new "wiki translation to Hungarian" you probably will solve the "language part" of the indicator posting to the "Hungarian Group Forum" (assuming there is one).

    p.s. this is just a suggestion for a workaround until there is an actual "field" on the thread indicating the language

  • But in our beloved Hungarian Group Forum are English (or will be) and Hungarian topics, so at the time who is reading our group's forum know that there are Hungarian materials too.

    The indicator is a good idea for the case if someone is searching code for example and don't want to get results in foreign languages. But the search engine should know about it somehow.

    But the prefix is still needed, and I'm not sure that it is good idea to have a prefix and a suffix in a threads subject, it would be a little too complicated. But that's true, if you have that language indicator, the prefix should be just [translation].

  • As long as the discussion is in a regional group forum there no need to indicate the language, IMHO. For the others we will see. If there is a reasonable amount of discussion going on, I'm sure it will end up in a group of its own, otherwise I suspect it's only a few people who will probably discuss via email?

  • CreMindES You may use poll for voting topic (link under main textarea on create discussion page).

    And I think prefix is overhead, because you may create category "Wiki discussion" in your local forum, and post all discussion there

  • Vass you are right, I've updated the post, and thanks for your advice :) But I'm not sure that I can create a category in our group forum... Can I?

    Vass and Volker It's become a question, because in the Hungary group I want to sign somehow discussions about translations, and I want a single thread to every translations, because it would be unfollowable soon.

    I think some of the discussion is related here from "this forum about non-English forums":

    And thinking about seaching it matters that I use regual search ([translation hu]) or advanced search ([translation] and language:hu tag). And one more important thing: if somebody not speeking that language, but sees something is not good, he/she can find our discussion and write in English. For example there were and update, or there is a wrong link, etc. That's why I started to prefer [translation] instead of [fordítás] (tha same in Hungarian), dispite it's nicer for us :P

  • I'm don't know about creating categories, but it will be good suggestions for Trolls IMHO.

  • My 2 cent:

    For the translators who have a regional forum: setup the rules there as you like it. It's not necessary to have the same rules in every regional forum (the need for wiki translation discussion may vary from language to language and the grade of collaboration).

    For those without a regional forum, I'd prefer a short prefix (eg. [wiki:hu]) otherwise most of the title space is occupied by the prefix :-)

  • Yeah, the shorter the better, that's for sure.

    I'm only emmited it to vote because if you use search you may seeour threads too, and it's nice to know about its contents for poeple not speking that language but want to suggesting something as above mentioned, so maybe it would be good to have a universal convention :)

  • Vass "I have suggested it in the beta testing section": . ;)

  • Hi,

    I agree with Volker, the shorter, the better. So something like [wiki:hu] is best, that's why I voted something other

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