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Still open; Senior Embedded Software Engineer, contact email address added for resumes

  • Job Title: Senior Embedded Software Engineer

    Location: Redwood Shores, California, however working remote is also a possibility

    Role Summary:

    This role entails the development of embedded firmware for Communication Gateway product. The role constitutes will require development on the embedded linux platform.

    Key Tasks & Responsibilities:

    • Write new firmware for product
    • Should document all aspects of the software planning and design phase including test phase.
    • Be involved in complete testing of the software.
    • Fix known bugs and use tracker.
    • Use version control to tag and release firmware.

    Skills & Experience Required:

    • Solid educational background in Computer Science or Software Engineering to degree level (desirable);
    • Experience using the Qt development platform
    • Excellent knowledge of C, C++ and Object Oriented Programming;
    • Experience in Linux Software Development on the applications level and Kernel level (desirable);
    • Good understanding of databases using SQLite (desirable)
    • Open source web servers, HTML format knowledge.
    • Experience with Eclipse development tools, TI code composer studio and knowledge of ARM 9 (desirable).
    • Data handling optimization, thread safe data access.
    • Experience of UI development for Linux, embedded systems or cross-platform development;
    • Understanding of D-Bus, Networking and TCP/IP protocols, zigbee protocol;
    • Experience with SVN (desirable).
    • Understanding of UML models, diagrams and UML tools;

    Please send resume to: annie.chow@enecsys.com

  • Should you have problem with finding a suitable developer to work in CA and consider working with a remote team, please feel free to contact me directly.

    We have an experienced team of 13 C++/Qt Engineers (6 senior), working on our own projects as well as supporting clients in US. We are currently looking a new long-term project for one of our Qt Senior devs.

    Feel free to contact me online:
    Skype: kacper_gazda
    Email: kgazda@milosolutions.com
    WWW: http://milosolutions.com

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  • Hello,
    My name is Ansif Ibrahim. I am from Kerala, India. I have 4+ year’s of experience in Qt and Visual Studio.

    My resume is available here:

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